50pcs Kids Kf94_mask, Outdoor Printing Anti-Fog Non-Woven Fabric Disposable_mask and Dust-Proof 4-Layer Filter and 4D Design Fish_mask for Children (Sky Blue) - Take and Pop Stores - Affordable Fast Online Shopping
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Product Description

Brand: GQGQ

Color: Sky Blue


  • 4 Layers - Four layers of protection, bettern than 3 layers. These Kf94_masks are made of Melt-Blown Non-woven fabric which are proven to filter more effectively as well as provide a waterproof barrier which is not achieved in face_masks without the Meltblown cloth layer.
  • The face_masks are designed according to the shape of the human face to ensure tightness and comfortable breathing. The 3D stereoscopic design keeps the foundation and lipstick clean because they contact the mask less.
  • The face_masks doesn't bother people who wear glasses. Soft wire supports adhere to the nose to prevent slipping and your glasses from getting wet.
  • You don't have to worry anymore when you go out. Innovative technology prevents wearer from being exposed to small harmful particles up to 0.4um in diameter.
  • It can be applied to homes, offices, schools, parks, playgrounds, indoor, outdoor and crowded public places. Wear a face_mask wherever you are to protect yourself.

Details: ✿✿Feature:   1. Made of environmentally friendly materials, moisture-proof, non-toxic, non-irritating, soft and comfortable.   2. Breathable materials and cute patterns make it practical and fashionable.   3. Special 4-layer non-woven design provides protection against dust, car exhaust and pollen.   4. Perfect design, when you wear it, it can perfectly fit your face. Elastic earrings are easy to wear and do not cause pressure on your ears.   5. Nail salon or any other area that may need protection ✿✿Package Included: 50 x Kids Face_masks

EAN: 4053918931245