BOW Products FencePRO Featherboard

BOW Products FencePRO Featherboard

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Product Description

Brand: Bow Products


  • DESIGNED TO BE USED in vertical position on your fence to hold your work to the table
  • FEATHER COMPONENT IS very strong and durable
  • FEATHER FOAM WILL NOT MAR softwoods, like other featherboards, when high tension is applied
  • INCLUDES TWO FEATHERPRO FEATHERBOARD Units with replaceable feathers, mounting hardware for single or double stacked configurations and two large, chain-link hexagonal pattern Adjustment Knobs

Details: The T32583 FencePRO Featherboard from Bow Products is designed for use to hold down material on all types of fences. May require adding T-track or miter track to fence for proper mounting. With FencePRO, you apply firm downward pressure yet still maintain a smooth glide. The feathers apply greater surface contact area that dampen vibration without marring material for the cleanest possibly cut. EVA is a High Density closed cell material that is exceptionally durable and absorbs energy from kickback. Feathers are also shatterproof and unlike plastic feathers can be replaced if damaged. The T32583 FencePRO Featherboard comes in a two-pack for individual use or for stacking.

EAN: 0853223006423

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 7.9 x 1.7 inches

Part Number: FP4