Hard Wax Beads - WAXTODAY Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans for Sensitive Skin with Tea Tree Formula(15.8 oz ) - Brazilian Waxing for Full Body, Face, Legs, Eyebrows. Perfect Refill for Any Wax Warmer
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Product Description



  • Strongest Tea Tree Wax Beans: The newly formulated hard wax beads are rich in 100% natural extracts of tea tree essential oil and will not cause any adverse reactions to the skin. The stripless wax can gently remove all hair from the roots and achieve a hairless effect for 6 to 8 weeks. Start your first At-home Waxing journey with us.
  • Specially Designed For Sensitive Skin: No matter whether your skin is sensitive or not, don't worry! Our natural hard wax beads are specially designed for sensitive skin. The painless wax beads for brazilian waxing are made of Tea Tree hypoallergenic wax, which has a soothing and calming effect on the skin. Protect you from any subsequent redness or irritation.
  • Ideal Refill Wax Beads For Full Body Use: The stripless wax can grasp each hair firmly and easily remove the hair from the root. The success rate is about 85% to 99% without any side effects. Such as face, eyebrows, legs, back, chest, armpit or anywhere you find unwanted hair. It will not break easily, more suitable for large-area hair removal.
  • DIY Waxing At Home: With WAXTODAY 1LB Hard waxing beads for hair removal, you no longer need to pay exorbitant waxing salon fees! Enjoy affordable, flawless, highly flexible hair removal at home any time. In addition, our wax is the perfect refill with any wax warmer.
  • Thoughtful Customer Service: We provide 100% money back for any unsatisfactory customers within 1 year from purchase. For whatever reason you don't like our hard wax beans, please feel free to contact us via email, we will help you within 24 hours. What are you still hesitating? Just buy with confidence.

Details: What are the benefits of our Tea Tree Hard Wax?  ✔ No strips ✔ 100% Natural formula Tea Tree Hard Wax Beans  ✔Chemical and toxic free, and best of all safe for all types of skin.  ✔ Excellent grip on strong & stubborn hairs.  ✔ Provides a convenient, economic and hygienic application.  ✔ Developed for all types of skin: bikini area, eyebrows, armpit, beard and other stubborn hair growth area, more suitable for sensitive skin hair removal.  +++Frequently Asked Questions +++ ●HOW TO USE? Melt WAX BEANS in a wax warmer. Apply wax in direction of hair growth. Allow 30 to 45 seconds to harden. As soon as the wax isn't sticky to the touch, pull wax quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, trapping the hair and pulling it from the root. No cloth strips are needed. Say aloha to gorgeously smooth skin.  ●Do I Need Cloth Strips?  Nope. No cloth strips are needed with hard wax. ●What Areas Can I Wax?  The wax beans are suitable for full body use, such as arms, legs, bikini line, brazilian, chest, back, underarms, face, brows, and beard. Love ALL your skin! ●How long does the wax take to melt? It depends on the quantity of wax you use. Normally, it'll take 10 mins if you melt wax of 3.5oz. But if you melt whole bag of WAXTODAY Tea Tree hard wax,it will take 20-30 mins for fully melting.Please test the wax temperature and use until the wax has reached a honey-like consistency. ●Why is the wax not removing any hairs? The wax did not reach the temperature suitable for hair removal. Application and removal process of the wax can lead to hairs being left behind. We recommend to use wax when the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.   

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Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.1 x 2.2 inches