High Voltage Generator,DC6-12V High Voltage Pulse Generator 1000kV Super Electric Arc Module A Finished Module of High-Voltage Inverter Transformer/Booster for Scientific Small Production
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Product Description

Brand: ciciglow


  • [Excellent Performance] -- The module can output high voltage pulse current, small size and high efficiency
  • [Finished Module] -- This module is the finished module of transformer for small scientific production
  • [Working Voltage ] -- The input voltage is DC 6V to 12V and will output 1000kV high voltage
  • [Widely Used] -- It can be used for negative‑ion generator, electronic instrument, and science experiment
  • [Easy to Operate] -- The peripheral circuit is simple, simply connect the switch and battery, and the discharge intensity is great

Details: Specifications: Input Voltage: 6V~12V DC Input Current: 2A~5A (related to voltage) Output Voltage: About 500KV~1000KV Input Cable Length: About 100mm(red is positive) Output Cable Length: About 100mm Arc Discharge Distance: 10mm~20mm Instruction: The way to judge whether the battery capacity can drive the maximum output power is to measure the battery voltage during arcing. The maximum power can be output if it is around 6V. Two small-capacity lithium batteries are connected in series to 7.2V, and the measured voltage has dropped to about 4V in the arcing state. The smaller the capacity, the lower the voltage will be. Therefore, it is recommended to use a lithium battery above 2000mA, and it is best to match a battery above 4000mA if possible. Note: 1, Output ends of cable should be adjusted properly before power on, and the arc distance depends on battery voltage and capacity. 2, The arc distance should be from short to long, do not produce a longest arc at first or the module might be damaged easily. 3, The module has high power and inner heat is not easily dissipated, so it can not work continuously for long time (<10 seconds each time). 4, The way to judge if a battery capacity is enough to output maximum power is to measure the battery voltage when producing arc. It the measured voltage is about 6V, then it can output maximum power. Recommended battery capacity is above 2000mA, or above 4000mA if possible. Package Includes: 1 x High Voltage Generator

EAN: 9459405915142

Package Dimensions: 3.2 x 1.9 x 1.4 inches

Part Number: ciciglowqctiex7mhg