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Product Description

Brand: QZMX

Color: Mesh 3cm Rope 3mm


  • The mesh body is knitted by mesh ropes,with a diamond or square mesh,and the material is mostly polyester high-strength yarn
  • [Safety issues]:Many children and pets accidentally fall from the upstairs and let us know that the safety of children and pets cannot be ignored.
  • [Nylon rope net]:Safety nets can be used outdoors and indoors,such as ,balcony,fence,yard,corridors,aisles,windows,kindergartens,shopping malls,restaurants,clothing stores,hanging nets,roof ceilings,climbing,hammocks,swings,etc.Safety nets with different ropes and meshes can be used for different occasions.
  • [Stair decoration net]:hand-knitted,hand-knotted,bright color,not easy to fall off,the mesh surface has strong impact resistance.
  • [Child Safety Net]:There are 3 kinds of protective nets,Mesh hole 3cm rope thick 3mm,Mesh hole 5cm rope thick 6mm,Mesh hole 10cm rope thick 6mm.

EAN: 7056045292682

Binding: Kitchen

Part Number: 963696936564