SUZYN Temperature Controller Solar Charger Controller Solar Panel Regulator LCD Liquid Crystal Display PWM Charging 60 A 12 V / 24 V Temperature Sensor Overload Protection (Edition : CM6024Z) Automa - Take and Pop Stores - Affordable Fast Online Shopping
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Product Description

Brand: SUZYN


  • This product is 60 A solar charger controller
  • Simple appearance and super large liquid crystal display, clearly see the data and the situation, operation is simple
  • There is a temperature sensor to sense the ambient temperature and increase the stability of the machine
  • More secure safety protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, reverse connection protection, undervoltage protection, reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection
  • Suitable for household appliances, lighting, bulletin board for advertisement, parking lot, street light etc

Details: We will ensure a perfect after-sales system, whether in pre-sales or after-sales, you can contact us for any problems you encounter. Size: CM6024Z Product Details: Product Specifications: Rated voltage: 12 V / 24 V Rated current: 60 A DC output voltage: 12V Solar panel voltage: ≤ 50V Floating electric shoot: 13.7 V / 27.4 V Charge mode: PWM Low voltage recovery: 12.2 V / 24.4 V Low voltage protection: 10.5 V / 21 V Load loss: ≤ 10 mA Temperature compensation: -4 mV / cell / ° C Installation cable area: ≤ 3 # AWG (25 mm 2) Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 60 ° C Product size: 18.8 * 13.0 * 6.2 cm Weight: 610 g Package list: Solar charger controller * 1 User manual (English) * 1 ✮Warranty:If you have any problem, just do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to you

EAN: 7866435551226

Binding: Kitchen

Part Number: SUZYN